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The First School of Clinical Medicine & The First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University

The First School of Clinical Sciences & The First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University was established in 1941. It was previously known as the Affiliated Hospital of the School of Medicine of National Yunnan University (Yunnan University Hospital, abbreviation YDYY). It is a large comprehensive grade-A tertiary hospital integrating medical care, medical education, scientific research, disease prevention, health care for leading officials, emergency response to public health emergencies, and medical first aid.

YDYY has two campuses, Xichang Road Campus and Chenggong Campus, with a total area of 455 mu (around 303,333 m2), and a total construction area of 504,100 m2. The hospital employs more than 6,500 staff members and has set up 60 clinical and technical departments that accommodate 2,536 beds. In addition, it has 6 national key specialty clinics, 24 provincial key specialty clinics, 18 provincial quality control centers, and 6 provincial clinical medical centers.

Xichang Road Campus

Chenggong Campus

There are 750 staff with senior professional title, 451 health care providers with doctoral degree, and 996 staff with master's degree in the hospital. Among its employees, there is 1 winner of the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation Award, 2 people enlisted in the National Million Talent Project, 1 winner of the Chinese Physician Award, and 114 people awarded as National, Ministerial, and Provincial Experts with Outstanding Contributions or receiving the State Council Special Allowance and the Provincial Government Special Allowance. It has one scientific and technological leader of Yunnan Talent Support Program, 5 Yunling Scholars, 61 Yunling Doctors, 3 Industrial Innovators, 42 Young Professionals, 67 Provincial Young and Middle-aged Academic and Technical Leading Experts and Reserve Talents, and 39 Medical Leading Talents.

As a medical education institute, YDYY has 74 doctoral student supervisors and 361 master student supervisors. It has been recognized as one of the first batch of national clinical teaching and training demonstration centers and one of the first batch of national standardized training bases for resident physicians. Its clinical medicine and anesthesia specialties have been approved as Construction Sites of National First-class Undergraduate Specialties. The hospital has won the first prize in the National Young Teachers' Basic Teaching Skills Competition for three consecutive years, the first prize in the Second National MBBS English Teaching Competition, and more than 10 first and second prizes in various national university teachers' teaching ability competitions. In the past five years, it has set up 208 provincial-level teaching reform projects, built 23 provincial and school-level first-class courses, won 5 second-class awards for teaching achievements by the provincial government, edited 37 professional textbooks, and ranked 8th in the amount of published teaching papers among affiliated hospitals across the country.

The hospital has set up 1 national stem cell clinical research institution, 15 national drug clinical trial qualification specialties, 1 collaborative innovation center of the Ministry of Education, 1 innovation team of the Ministry of Education, 14 provincial innovation teams, 27 academician expert workstations, 1 postdoctoral research station, 1 key laboratory of the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 11 provincial clinical medical research centers, 1 provincial key laboratory, 2 provincial engineering technology research centers, 4 provincial engineering research centers, 1 provincial collaborative innovation center, and 30 research institutions (including 8 research institutes) in Yunnan. In the past five years, it has obtained 159 projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 32 national key first-class sub-projects such as the National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program), 450 provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, 420 departmental and municipal scientific research projects. Totally, YDYY has received external scientific research funds of more than RMB 180 million and won 52 provincial science and technology awards, and 55 provincial health science and technology achievement awards.

In terms of international exchanges and cooperation, the hospital has sponsored more than 300 people to study or have academic exchanges in the US, the UK, and other countries and regions. It also received 51 delegations from universities and colleges such as Cambridge University and Harvard Medical School etc. YDYY has organized 6 visits to Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam for Brightness Journey Eye Camp, ophthalmology assistance activities, 3 medical teams to Myanmar and Laos for COVID-19 assistance, and completed medical assistance tasks in Uganda. YDYY has been awarded the title of National Advanced Collective for Overseas Medical Aid twice.

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