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Kunming Medical University, one of key provincial universities, was formerly a Medical Specialized Program of Donglu University established in 1933. In 1956, it became an independent medical education institution. In 1981, it was among the first institutions authorized to confer Master’s Degree and it was authorized to confer Doctoral Degree in 1998. In 2010, Yunnan Medical College was incorporated into it. In 2012, it was renamed as Kunming Medical University and became one of the first universities listed in National Basic Ability Construction Project of Western and Central China. In the past 89 years, Kunming Medical University has cultivated more than 100,000 full-time and more than 100,000 part-time high-level medical talents to serve the promote areas and grassroots communities, making significant contributions to health services, economic and social development, ethnic unity and progress, and prosperity and stability of border areas in Yunnan Province.

The university has 3 campuses including Chenggong Campus (main campus), Renmin West Road Campus and Pingzheng Campus, totally occupying 98.8 hectares. It has 20,702 full-time students among which there are15,268 undergraduates, 4,396postgraduates, 534 doctoral students and 504 international students. Beyond that, there are 28,174 part-time students. After years of development, Kunming Medical University has formed a comprehensive medical talent cultivation system integrated full-time higher medical education (undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral candidates), graduate medical education, continuing education and international student education. The university has 6,732 staff (1,616 in main campus and 5,116 in affiliated hospitals) among which there is 1 winner of National Science Fund for Distinguished Scholars, 1 Young and Middle-aged Leading Talent in the Innovative Talent Promotion Plan of Ministry of Science and Technology, 6 selected in National Ten Million Talent Project, 3 selected in the New Century Excellent Talent Supporting Program of Ministry of Education, 6 National Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions and 80 experts subsidized by Special Government Allowance from the State Council, 1 National Teaching and Educating Model, 13 National Outstanding Teachers and Educators, 2 Xingdian Talents and 1 Science and Technology Leading Talent in Yunnan. Besides, 616 staff have been admitted to other provincial talent programs.

The university has 18 schools, conducting 32 Bachelor’s programs. There are 10 National First-class Programs, 4 National Characteristic Programs, 1 National Laboratory Teaching Demonstration Center, 1 National Clinical Teaching and Training Demonstration Center, 5 National First-Class Courses, 3 National Course Projects, 6 Provincial First-class Disciplines, 2 Provincial Key Construction Disciplines, 6 Provincial First-class Programs, 35 Provincial First-class Courses, 6 Provincial Teaching Team. The four programs, Stomatology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Nursing have successively attained the related professional certifications set by Ministry of Education. Moreover, Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy, Prosthetic and Orthotic Engineering have been accredited by WCPT, WFOT and ISPO The university now has 5authorized academic doctorate disciplines, 2 authorized professional doctorate disciplines, 8authorized academic master’s disciplines and 6 authorized professional master’s disciplines. 3 post-doctor research stations in Clinical Medicine, Basic Medicine and Pharmaceutics have been established. So far, Clinical Medicine, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Neuroscience and Behavior have reached 1% of ESI.

Kunming Medical University has won 7 national science and technology awards and 17 ministerial science and technology related awards. Since the 13th Five-year Plan, the university has won 1 Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation Science and Technology Innovation Award, 5 Special Prizes and 12 First Prizes of provincial science and technology awards, and with annual research fund of 150 million yuan, it is undertaking 623 national scientific research projects whose amount ranks the third in Yunnan Province. It has 1 Innovation Team of Ministry of Education, 31 Provincial Innovation Teams. The university currently has 1 Joint Laboratory for International Cooperation of Ministry of Education, 1 Key Laboratory of National Health Commission, 1 Cooperative Innovation Center co-constructed by Ministry of Education and Yunnan Province, 3 Licensed National Stem Cell Clinical Institutions, 1 Licensed National Stem Cell Clinical Research Project, 2 laboratories with national qualifications, and 104 provincial key laboratories, provincial clinical medicine research centers, technical research centers and bases. Journal of Kunming Medical University published by the university is a core journal of science and technology in China.

With its comprehensive teaching and practice system of 4 affiliated hospitals, 11 non-affiliated hospitals, 18 teaching hospitals, 45 practice hospitals, 21 community practice teaching bases, 76 profession-related teaching and practice bases, Kunming Medical University well meets the students’ needs of teaching and practice. Among the 4 affiliated hospitals, the First and the Second Affiliated Hospitals are both grade-A tertiary general hospitals, the Third Affiliated Hospital and the Affiliated Stomatology Hospital are grade-A tertiary specialized hospitals in Oncology and Stomatology respectively, reaching the top of their fields in Yunnan.

Kunming Medical University has established cooperative relations with more than 90 universities and research institutes in 51 countries, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan areas. It initiated the establishment of South and Southeast Asia Medical Education and Service Alliance which has become an important platform for exchanges and cooperation between Yunnan, China and South and Southeast Asia in the field of medical education and service. It is the International Medical Talent Training Base of Yunnan Province and one of the first universities to enroll international students sponsored by National Government Scholarship. It was approved by the Ministry of Education to recruit international undergraduate students majoring in clinical medicine (taught in English). It has been accredited by the Ministry of Education on educational quality and also been verified by national medical council in India, Nepal, Thailand and other countries. It is the main target university for students from South and Southeast Asian countries to study medicine in China.

Kunming Medical University always attaches great importance to social services, continuing education and training for medical personnel. To shoulder social responsibilities, the university strengthens cooperation with locality and provides corresponding assistance in education, medical care, science & technology and culture. It has been awarded honorary titles such as National Civilized Campus, Yunnan Civilized Institution, Yunnan Advanced Institution on Poverty Alleviation, Ethnic Unity and Progress, Medical Insurance Fund Management and Safe Campus, etc. It is a conservation-oriented public institution.

(Statistics updated to October 30, 2022)

Chinese name:昆明医科大学

English name: Kunming Medical University

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