Association for International Communication
2023/10/25 14:01:29

Association for International Communication of Kunming Medical University was established in 2015, the association is a platform to improve students’ "self education, self management, self service" ability,to help students learning Chinese and understanding Chinese culture. AIC played an important role in deepening international exchanges and understanding, building diverse campus culture, promoting Chinese and international students initiative and creativity, promoting the cultivation of international students and the internationalization of campus culture. Under the guidance of the Youth League Committee and the Student Affairs Office, International Education School take in charge of AIC which includes Comprehensive Affairs Department, Campus Activities Department, Journalism and Study Department, organizing and carrying out campus cultural activities for both Chinese students and international students. Kunming Medical University promote construction and management of AIC associations consistently,support AIC to make contribution to educate students, and to help Chinese and international students grow up and achieve success.


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