Introduction of Chinese Language Teaching and Research Group
2023/10/17 14:23:40

In 2012, the Chinese Language Teaching and Research Group was set up in International Education School, which is responsible for the teaching and research of Chinese language and culture courses for foreign students in Kunming Medical University, curriculum construction, and Chinese and Culture teacher development.

In terms of degree education, a total of 16 courses are offered, includingBasic Chinese 1-6, Medical Chinese 1-4, General Situation of China (Undergraduate, Master, Doctor), Graduate Chinese (Master, Doctor), and HSK-5 Course(Chinese Medium). The total academic hours are 1890-2754 hours per academic year, which is an crucial part of the public basic courses for international students of KMU. In terms of non-degree teaching, we offer Chinese courses (mainly small-class courses) for  individuals or groups Chinese learners and medical related major scholarship students. The courses includeComprehensive Chinese courses,Chinese Listening,Chinese Speaking and ChineseCharacters and HSKTraining courses, with 792 teaching hours per academic year, comprehensively improving students' Chinese language level and experiencing multiple Chinese culture. It lays the language foundation for future medical professional study and clinical practice communication for international students.

In combination with KMU’s own educational advantages and characteristics, IES attaches great importance toBasic Chinese and deep cultivation of CSP(Chinese for Specific Purpose) teaching and research. In 2019, it was established the first national Medical Chinese Test Center (MCT) to promote Chinese Language learning. In 2021, the Medical Chinese Course will be approved brand course for MBBS in university-level. In 2022, the construction of Chinese courses forMBBS won the Second Prize of Teaching Achievement Award of Kunming Medical University.

At present, IES has a total of 5 full-time Chinese teachers, with an average age of 35 years old, of which 1 has obtained a doctor's degree, 4 are studying for PHD course. The teachers of the group have won 2 first prizes and 1 second prizes in Yunnan provincial teaching competitions, 1 first prize in university-level teaching case competitions, and several teachers have won second and third prizes in university-level teaching competitions.


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